The Membership

Own your future.

We believe you should have access to all the knowledge you need to make the right investing decisions for your financial future.

The usual model for this involves you paying a professional investment broker or advisor commission and/or fees, to make all your decisions for you. This model keeps you blind to the knowledge and principles being used to make all those investing decisions.

On top of that, the more money you've managed to save to invest, the more you end up paying in commissions. What if you could empower yourself to make intelligent, informed decisions about your own money and future, for the rest of your life?

Now you can. Welcome to Golden XV. Let's get started!

Become a better investor.

Some of the most powerful innovations happening today are happening in online video education and self-taught online learning. We've taken the best of both methods and created a comprehensive course on investing that takes you from square one to expert in short, simple steps. This class is taught in colleges in the State of California by our staff of professional investment advisors. We've worked with them to bring this education to you, tuition free, as part of our membership.

Once you've learned the basics, and moved on to a higher level, then what? Most courses just leave you hanging. We fixed that. Our membership helps you make all the investing decisions for your future. You can check in as often as you like and make sure your portfolio is still in line with our actively pre-screened portfolio recommendations. It only takes a minute, and it'll change the way you invest.

If you're too busy to watch videos, don't worry – we have a plan for you to follow. You're going to love our simple, efficient portfolios that are loaded with all the pre-screened, actively researched and maintained value stocks that we've selected to recommend for our members. These actively managed portfolios are the exact same stocks that we personally invest in. We trust these choices enough to stake our personal retirements on them. We wouldn't recommend a single one of them if we didn't – and best of all – you can check for portfolio changes in seconds to maximize your own gains.

We have two types of accounts, for two types of investors. Let's find out which one fits you best.

Defensive Investors Plan

Do you just want to retire wealthy, or have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you've invested wisely in your future?

We created the Defensive Investor membership level just for you. This portfolio is designed to maximize the safety of your principal, while requiring just a few minutes a month to check up on things. It's a long-term, secure strategy that will help you beat the market averages that mutual funds and most other managed funds achieve, while valuing every minute of your time. You achieve higher gains with a lot less work. You're going to love it.

This plan is perfect for the vast majority of busy investors and retirement planners, and most likely for you.

The Enterprising Investor Membership costs about as much as two lattés, at just $9.95/mo. We wanted it to be really affordable for normal people and beginning investors. We've spent a lot of time building this, and we really hope you love it. We've decided to include your first two months free, just for signing up today.

The New Enterprising Investors Plan

Are you an avid investor or financial enthusiast who spends lots of time searching for the best stocks and bonds, always looking for a better deal? Does the idea of finding a great new investment get you excited as much as it does us? Great!

You're an investor after our own hearts. Welcome to the club! We created the Enterprising Investor Account just for you.

This membership level features all the up-to-date investment advice, investor insights, and up-and-coming companies you could ever need to invest in. We search constantly for newer and better investments just for you, and keep you updated constantly.

We've included all of the resources from the Defensive Investor account too. We knew you wouldn't want to pass those up, so we threw them in for free, just for you.

Regardless of which level suits you best, we love our members, so we've decided to give you 60 days of membership access, for free. It's our gift to you, just for signing up.

The Enterprising Investor Membership is now available at just $19.95/month, making it an absolute steal for anyone even remotely serious about investing. We built this plan just for you. We hope you'll love it as much as we do.