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We designed Golden XV to help you learn value investing. Based on principles used by Warren Buffett & Benjamin Graham, our membership gives you a deep, thorough understanding of investing, at a price you can easily afford.
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Defensive Investor Plan

You are a defensive investor if you prefer long-term conservative investments in large, stable companies. You expect results over the long-term with less risk. You make an investment and wisely hold it through the ups and downs of the market. This plan is ideal for almost everyone who wants to retire financially independent and secure. Start your first 60 days free today.
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Enterprising Investor Plan

You are an enterprising investor if you prefer to invest in the short-term with higher gains but more risk. You make informed decisions to invest in select smaller or less stable companies with more risk but more potential gains. You strive to profit in the short-term, and will sell swiftly if your positions drop in value in order to preserve your principal. You can upgrade to this plan this fall.
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