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We designed Golden XV to help you learn value investing. Based on principles used by Warren Buffett & Benjamin Graham, our membership gives you a deep, thorough understanding of investing, at a price you can easily afford.
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This is a can't miss class for anyone serious about getting control over their finances, investing intelligently, and building wealth. If you're an Alumnus, you can bring, send, or refer a friend to receive a free copy of The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason. The class will be held at the SDCC North City Continuing Education Mesa College Campus.
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A personal meeting with Jonathan Lopez to discuss your own portfolio and financial plan is a fantastic opportunity to see how you are doing financially, and work on aligning your goals with your current financial practices. Getting your financial goals on track and knowing what to expect in your financial future is priceless. If you haven't so far, book your appointment today!
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